Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Memo 12/21/15

Hope you are doing well.  Not sure if you heard the saga about my periodontal surgery, but the stitches were taken out on Wednesday, and I'm so happy.  All I can say is, put an electric tooth brush in that stocking or in whatever gift receptacle of your choice for your child's next holiday.  Let's all work to preserve our gum tissue to avoid grafts in the future.


Thank you for helping your child complete that homework assignment.  I am excited to give them their compliment sheet on Wednesday! 

Party in a Bag

Tomorrow, your child will bring home the paper bag that she decorated in school.  We will enjoy a fun party on Wednesday to celebrate our upcoming vacation!  We will have a “Party-In-A-Bag” where students will bring in your own snacks to enjoy while we watch a movie.  

Please pack bag with:

  1. Something to drink (juice box, water bottle)
  2. Something sweet (fruit, cookies, a cupcake)
  3. Something salty (pretzels, chips, crackers)
  4. A napkin   
    5.  A canned good we will donate to Parmenter Food Bank 

    New Desks!

    We will get new desks for 2016!  That means we have to empty our desks and reload them in January.  Please send in a large paper grocery bag labeled with your child's name so we can store the contents of their desks over vacation.

    Happy New Year!  See you in 2016!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Monday Memo 12/14/15

Good morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend.
​ ​
​I spent Saturday in Boston with my husband, seeing a show and walking around.  How lovely!​
​I feel totally spoiled.​

8th Graders Visit
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We were delighted to host four fabulous eighth graders on Friday as part of their community service project.  These young men and women joined us for writer's workshop and did a great job conferring with the writers in our class, correcting spelling and helping our with word choice.  I was particularly thrilled to host Brett Morris, my former student.

The students really enjoyed the band and strings concert on Wednesday.  It is always so impressive to see these young musicians, and it's particularly fun for the second graders as they imagine themselves performing next year, if they choose to learn a strings instrument.  This week, we will attend a concert by the Happy Hollow Chorus.  We are excited!

This week, we will do our Fractions and Time Assessment.  We call this our "Show What You Know."  I'm sure the children will do very well.

​Holiday Presentations
We are looking forward to everyone sharing their holiday presentations with the class this week.  Thanks for your help and support with this.​
Have a great week!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Monday Memo 12/7/15

Happy Monday!


Here is a List of Positive Character Traits.  I shared this with the class and explained how this might help them with the Compliment Project.

Holiday Tradition Project

Next week, students will present their Holiday Tradition Project at the Sharing time in our Class Meeting.  Here is an example of what my daughter did for this project when she was in second grade:

Unfortunately, it's backwards because I took the picture with Photobooth, but you get the idea :)  I shared this with the children.  As you can see, it is not an elaborate presentation.  A photo or two or some other symbolic object that can be brought in is great.  Thanks for helping your child prepare for this.  Students are always very interested in the family lives of their classmates.

Bread Baking Fun!
Check out these adorable pics!


Did you hear about our fraction pizzas?  They looked quite delicious, although they were made of construction paper.  The students made their own pizzas using fractions to represent the different toppings.  We will have an assessment at the end of this week about fractions and time.


We are working on concepts of geography this week with our Me on the Map books, based on the picture book by Joan Sweeney.  A major topic for discussion for us was the difference between a city and a town.  Ask your child about this!

Have a great week!