Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Homework Assignment!

5 Things in a Bag

Your first homework assignment is to fill this bag with 5 things that can tell the class something about you.  DO NOT write your name on the bag!  We will guess the bag’s owner by the items inside.

Remember when I modeled this today?  I put in:
  • my library card because I love to read, and I love going to the library
  • a medal from the Chilly Half Marathon because I run a lot
  • a CD from “Rent” because I love singing and watching musicals
  • a photo from the beach because I like jumping in ocean waves
  • a photo of my children because I am a mom!


Thank you!

Ms. Morrison

Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Back!

September 2, 2014

Dear Families,

Welcome to second grade!  I am so delighted to be your child’s teacher.  It is sure to be a special year.  Thank you so much for bringing in all of the the school supplies.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Thursday, September 18, from 7:00-7:30 for Back to School Night. In the meantime, here are some nuts and bolts:

Parent Communication:

This is our class blog.  I update it regularly. You can also find it on the Happy Hollow School website.  This letter is posted there, and homework assignments and other important announcements will be found there as well.  

Special Schedule:

Monday:         Library with Ms. Flannery (remember your library books)

Technology with Ms. Crozier
Tuesday:        Music with Ms. Pohl
Wednesday:   Physical Education with Mr. O'Connor (remember to wear sneakers)
Thursday:       Art with Ms. Soeltz
Friday:           Skills Lab with Ms. Hayes

Lunch and Snack:  Our daily snack time is usually around 10:15.  Healthy snacks are best. Children are allowed to keep a small water bottle on their desk.   Water is the only beverage children may drink in the classroom.   We also have a water fountain in the classroom.   Lunch is at 11:55 each day.  Please make sure lunches are packed in secure containers to prevent leakage in our lunch bucket.


We are happy to celebrate!  I honor each child with a special tradition in my class on or near their birthday.  Children with summer birthdays will be assigned a special day in June for a classroom celebration.  If you wish, feel free to send in a small, non-food related treat (stickers for each child, or a bookmark or a pencil).  We have 24 children in our class this year.  Thank you!


Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  In second grade, students will be expected to complete about 20-30 minutes of homework, including reading.  Homework will be assigned next week.  We’ll talk A LOT more about this at Back to School night!

Throughout the year, there may be short assignments or special projects in other academic areas as our curriculum changes. If your child has been focused and diligent when completing homework and has not finished it after 20-30 minutes, please send me a note. I will help your child complete it during the school day.

After School Destinations: A google form was sent to your email address yesterday. If you didn't receive it, I don't yet have your correct address, so please email me at once. Thank you.

Volunteers Welcome! Help is always welcome in our classroom. Once I finalize our schedule, I will send home specific days and times that we would love help. Here is an idea of what we need:

Reading Assistant: This person might be listening to children read or he/she might be reading to them.

Writing Assistant: This person would help students participate in the writing process.

Math Stations Assistant: This person would be in charge of one math station and help children complete the activity.

Throughout the year, we will also need chaperones and volunteers to help with classroom parties and special events.  Room parents will assist me in finding volunteers for these.
Important:  Any parent who wishes to volunteer in the classroom or chaperone a class trip must complete a CORI form. These forms can be found in the office. If you are interested in chaperoning a field trip or volunteering in the classroom this year, please complete a CORI form as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call the office and leave a message at school or you can e-mail me at  I am happy to provide you with my cell number if you wish to speak to me after school hours.  

Have a great night.

Miriam Morrison