Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Memo 11/30/15

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Mine was fantastic.  Now we all need to brace ourselves for the freight train that is December.
Thank you all so much to contributing to our bread baking project.  I hope you all enjoyed the finished product!  We are especially grateful to Jill Zukerman, Sarah Langan, Meghan Flatley, Sara Niimi, Michele Karol, and Jennifer Altreuter for running the actual baking stations.  You guys rock and did all the work;  I just walked around in my apron, taking it all in.
December Homework
The December Homework Calendar is attached.  It is basically two projects.
We are delighted to welcome Marley Eggers to our classroom.  The students welcomed Marley on Friday with an Open Circle in our classroom, led by Mr. Lee.  We are happy to have a new friend and classmate.
We wrapped up our Personal Narrative Unit by sharing our Small Moment Stories with a Clock Buddy.  Each buddy listened to their partner's story and "gave them a hand", by writing them a compliment on something they did well.  These students are very appreciative of a good author's craft; I read lots of compliments about writing good similes or strong verbs or onomonopeia.  I am so proud of these fabulous authors!
Our next writing unit is composing opinion letters about a character in a book.

​Have a great week!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Memo 11/23/15

This is, without a doubt, my favorite week of the entire year.  All the fun of the holidays without the gift stress.  It's the best, and I'm not only excited for the vacation and time off with my family, but the special Happy Hollow traditions, like making pumpkin bread on Wednesday.  Thank you all so much for contributing!  It will be great!

No word study this week!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend.  I'm very grateful for these twenty fabulous second graders.  They are awesome. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Memo 11/16/15

This is the "Let's Go Fly a Kite" iMovie we showed at the assembly last week.  Enjoy!

Here is a slideshow of various highlights from our weather unit.  Hope you like it!

Thanksgiving Bread Baking

Thank you to all who have volunteered to contribute to our bread making project.  Please contact our room parent Amita Potnis if you can help.  

Thankful Project

We have received almost all of the "secret" Thankful Projects completed by you!  Thank you!  I am excited to give them to the children this week.

Social Studies

Our new unit is geography.  We are studying features of maps and globes, including the continents and oceans.  We watched a movie about map-making, and we will begin a "Me on the Map" project.


We began our Fractions and Time unit by making posters of some of the math vocabulary we will use in this unit.  The children worked in partners to create their poster and present their work.  They did a great job!

Have a great week!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Memo​ 11/9/15

Good morning!

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely fall weekend.  I enjoyed a welcome respite from football games.
Baking Bread​
Thank you
​ to our fabulous room parent​
​Potnis (Maya's mom) ​
​setting up ​
sign up
​ for our baking bread celebration.  Please email
​her at ​
​ ​
if you did not receive the email with the volunteer spot link to sign up to contribute.​

Wrapping Up Weather

Thank you to ​Mr. Conner for sharing his home weather station with us in a fantastic lesson.  The kids loved having him. He also donated solar powered windmill kits to our class, which the kids built in teams.  We brought them outside, and they worked!​


We will have our assessment this week on place value.  Our next unit is time and money.  If your child does not have their addition facts through 20 memorized, you can help by regularly practicing.  First, focus on sums to 10, and once they have that down, work on sums to 20.


​We will have spelling practice homework this week.  Click here if you need another copy of the practice menu.  Your child should also be working on the leaf project!​
​ Click here if you need another copy of the Leaf Project.​



​We have started Sharing this week.  Click here if you need another copy of the Sharing Schedule.​
​   This week, we are sharing something (or someone) we are thankful for.  On your child's sharing day, he also may want to bring in a symbol of what he is thankful for (photo or something else).  ​


We met with our fourth grade buddies this week to make woven paper placemats.  These will be used at the teachers' Thanksgiving breakfast​ and hopefully as a lovely centerpiece at YOUR Thanksgiving celebration as well.​
Veteran's Day
Thank you for
​helping your child make a card for ​
​s. As my brother was depolyed twice to Iraq (in 2002 and 2004), this holiday is meaningful for me and my family.  My nephews were very little when he was away, and it was hard for them, but the worst part for me was watching the toll it took on my parents.  Fortunately, today my brother is quite well and living in Natick where he is a police officer, and his sons are happy and successful college students!  We are very lucky.  
Have a great week! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Memo 11/2/15

Field Trip

Our field trip was a great success, thanks to all of our parent volunteers.  We loved having you.  It was a great day of exercise, nature, and learning.

We had a great time kite-flying on Friday afternoon!  It was truly magical watching the second graders run around the playground with their kites.  We made a little iMovie with our photos and video, and it will be shown at the assembly next week.

Veggie Skeletons
This was a great cooperative project.  Thank you for your contributions.  Check out the results!

November Homework
Please click here for the November Homework calendar.  Your child also received an updated Spelling Word Practice Menu with some additional choices.  Click here if you need another copy.

Baking Bread

The second grade has a fun baking bread project that we do every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We will send our a link soon for volunteers and contributions of ingredients. Thank you in advance for supporting our tradition.