Sunday, September 16, 2018

Monday Memo 9/17/18

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This will be a fantastic week in second grade.

Writer's Workshop

Writers at work in the courtyard, making observations in our Noticing Notebooks.

Picture Day!

Bring smiles on Tuesday for Picture Day.  Don't forget the envelope.


The first homework assignment will be sent home today:  5 Things in a Bag.  Also, click here for the September Homework Calendar.


It was wonderful to see so many of you at Back to School Night, and I was glad so many people were able to sign up for a conference.  Here is the conference schedule as it stands now.  Please check it and make sure our calendars match.  If you were not able to sign up at Back to School Night, please take a look at the available times and email me with your preference.  Thank you.

PTO Breakfast

Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast on Friday.  The PTO gave a beautiful welcome back breakfast for the teachers.  What a treat!

Mystery Reader

We are ready for our first Mystery Reader!  All you need to do is check the schedule, find a time that works for you, and choose a book to read to our class.  It can be a seaasonal book, poetry, a book you enjoyed as a child or a book your child enjoys.  I hope you can be our Mystery Reader soon.  Click here to see which dates are available, and please email me to let me know which slot you would like.  Thank you.

Ms Natale

We are delighted to have an excellent student teacher this semester, Ms. Natale.  Her supervisor will observe her in our classroom several times.  Dr. Cromwell's first visit will take place on Thursday, and we know Ms. Natale will do a fabulous job.  Fun fact:  Dr. Cromwell was my colleague at Happy Hollow back in the nineties!

Have a great week.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

First Day Letter 2018

September 4, 2018

Greetings Families!
It was nice to meet some of you at the Library Meet-and-Greet in August. It was a pleasure 
getting to know your child today. I am thrilled to be your child’s second grade teacher. We had a 
super day together--second grade rocks!
The body of this email will appear on my blog, which is currently experiencing some issues. 
I’ll let you know when it is up and running.  I sent this notice home on paper, as well as electronically. 
If you did not receive this through your email, please email me because I must not have your correct 

My email is: Please do not email me with dismissal changes, 
as I don't always receive the email in time. Dismissal changes should be communicated via a written 
note from you to me delivered by your child in the morning. Barring that, you must call the school office 
508-358-8641, and they will be sure to get me the message.

My cell is 508-314-2796. Please feel free to call me with any questions after school hours. 
My phone is off during the school day.

I try to send you an email every Monday morning (or, if a Monday holiday, Tuesday morning). 
I read somewhere that people are more likely to read emails on Monday morning than other times 
in the week. Here are a couple of important items:

Special Schedule:

Monday: Music with Ms. Pohl
Tuesday: Technology with Ms. Crozier
Wednesday: Physical Education with Ms. Fraser
Thursday: Library with Ms. Flannery and Skills Lab with Ms. Grace
Friday: Art with Ms. Soeltz

Remember those library books on Thursday and sneakers on Wednesday. 
Sneakers are the best shoes for your child to wear any day of the week. Outdoor play and 
recess are very important for a young child, and it is a shame when a child's footwear interferes 
with her ability to climb and run. Footwear such as flipflops can be a safety issue as well.


Please pack a healthy snack each day. Please make sure your child has a reusable water bottle 
(labeled with their name) for classroom use. Water is the only beverage children may drink in the 
classroom, so please do not pack juice or milk for snack.
Important Dates:
  • ●  Curriculum Night is Wednesday, September 12 from 7-7:30

  • ●  Picture Day is Tuesday, September 18.

  • Dismissal Plans:

  • I sent a Dismissal Form through your email. Please fill it out ASAP. Thank you. 
    If you did not receive it, be sure to send me your email. Happy Day One!

  • Miriam Morrison

Move Along Day Letter for Class 2018-2019

June 2018   

Dear Future Second-Grader,

Welcome to second grade!  I was so happy to meet you today, and I look forward to a super year!  

You might be a little curious about your new teacher, so here is a bit of information about me.  
I have enjoyed teaching children from preschool to grade five for many years. My favorite things to do 
include reading, running, singing, going to yard sales, and being with my three children.  Their names are 
Matthew, Genevieve, and Bowen.

I’d like your parents to send me the email address(es) they would like me to use to communicate. 
I’ll send them an email and invite you to meet me at the library one day this summer. That will be fun!  
Your parents can contact me at  You can check out my blog at  You can also find it on the Happy Hollow website.

On the first day of school, bring a SMILE, and be ready to start our learning adventure!

Ms. Morrison

Ms. Morrison’s 2nd Grade Supply List
  • Writer’s Notebook cover homework (see next page)
  • Earbuds (compatible with MacBook or iPad). Label with name. Put in ziplock bag.  Label bag, too.
  • 1 pencil box filled with:
  • 1 fine point black Sharpie marker
  • 5 sharpened pencils with erasers
  • 1 hand-held pencil sharpener
  • 24 Crayola colored pencils
  • 12 Crayola markers
  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 Expo marker
  • 1 highlighter
Writer’s Notebook Cover Homework

All of the contents of your collage must fit within the perimeter of this box.

We use writer’s notebooks in second grade and personalize them with special things about ourselves.   Here is an example of a cover from last year:

To prepare, you will need to collect items for your collage.  Use the guidelines below to gather artifacts that are appropriate for your notebook project.  We will be creating the actual collage as an in-class art project.

Guidelines and Suggestions:
  • Photos of family, pets, vacations, etc.
  • Ticket stubs or other flat memorabilia
  • Cut up brochures from places you’ve visited
  • Picture or clip art of favorite toys, activities, hobbies
  • Stickers
  • Magazine clippings
  • Words that tell about you
  • Small samples of your artwork (drawings, paintings, etc.)

Bring all items into school on the first day in a big envelope labeled with your name.

The items used will be laminated on the notebooks and therefore will not be returned in their original form.  In the past, some students have elected to take and print photos or scan/copy original items.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Monday Memo 6/18/18

Dear families,

It has been a wonderful year in second grade.  I will miss your beautiful children.  I know this Monday Memo is already late, and I realized I need to send it tonight because tomorrow afternoon, you will receive the email with your child's new teacher for third grade--at which point, you'll have no use for me anymore!

Moving on to a new grade is a milestone for you to celebrate in your child's life, but it's always a little bittersweet for me.  It is hard to let go of my class family.  A great thing about being a teacher is the development of this special relationship I have enjoyed with your child.  There is a quote often attributed to Maya Angelou:  "Children will forget what you said, children will forget what you did, but children will never forget how you made them feel."  I hope your child will remember me and their second grade year with a warm and happy feeling.

Thank you for all of your help and support this year.  The PTO provided an amazing lunch for the teachers on Friday.  Thank you so much to Debbie Bressler and all of the parents who assisted in orchestrating this lovely event.  The Book Fair and the picnic were so much fun, and the PTO donated many books to our classroom.  So generous!

Field Day
Thank you to all the parent volunteers who made field day such a success.  We had a great time.

 Strings Demonstration!

I hope your child will be able to take advantage of string instrument lessons at Happy Hollow next year in third grade.  Ms. Tandon came with fifth grade musicians to teach our class about the different options they have for music lessons next year.  Ms. Davis will be the third grade strings teacher.  Please click here for more information.

Global Cardboard Challenge
I appreciate all of the cardboard that was donated to our class.  Your children came up with amazing games for the Global Cardboard Challenge, and we all LOVED the arcade built by the fifth graders.  We had so much fun playing those games at recess on Friday.


On the Happy Hollow home page, in the "For Families" pull down tab, there is an option called "Suggested Summer Math Activities." This option offers families lists of activities, games and book titles (specific to each grade level) that encourage mathematical thinking.

This is not a new option, but it has recently been updated.  Here is the link for incoming third graders.


The second grade was tasked with protecting the sand dunes on Cape Cod last week for our STEAM project.  We tested how our sand dune protectors held up to hurricanes, using a hair dryer and a watering can.  This week, we are building bird nests.

Summer Reading

Lastly, here is the link to the Wayland Public Library Summer Reading program.  Get your child involved!  Libraries are a lovely place to be!  Please note the Boston Public Library Summer Reading program as well.

I wish all of you a fantastic summer.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Memo 6/11/18

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

A Call for Cardboard

Our class will be participating in Happy Hollow's Global Cardboard Challenge on Friday.  Please send in clean cardboard for us to use.  If you're interested in more about this, the Sunday Times had a piece yesterday entitled "The Magic of a Cardboard Box."  

Book Fair

 Field Day
Second Grade wears YELLOW on Field Day!

We are sharing talents again this week.  It can be the same talent your child shared before with some kind of variation, or a different one.  Kids can tell us about it, demonstrate it, show photos, show a video you email me...anything is fine. 
 Community Bookstop

Community Bookstop Website - We are so excited to begin lending books at the Community Bookstop.  For now students/parents can use our paper sign out form, in the binder at the bookstop.   All books have a sticker on the back to indicate they are part of the bookstop collection. Please enjoy and be sure to have a conversation about the books you borrow.  Tips for conversations are available as a handout and on the website. To join in an online conversation, use the QR code to share your comments in a google doc. Please be sure to return books to the bookstop so others can enjoy them too.  Happy Reading!

Please contact me if you have questions. Hope to see you tomorrow night at the picnic. Hamster City will be ready for viewing in our classroom!

My Favorite End-of-School Piece

I love this article: The Worst End of School Year Mom Ever. I always feel this way in June. Check it out if you need a laugh.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Second Grade Celebration 2018

These students did a great job!  Thank you for coming to our Second Grade Celebration.

Elementary Summer Reading Lists

Please check out this excellent link compiled by the Wayland elementary school librarians.

June Homework Calendar

Here is the link to the June Homework Calendar.
Happy Hollow Picnic

Next Tuesday, June 12 at 5:30 is the Happy Hollow Picnic.  Bring dinner and bring $3 for an ice cream truck.  Hope to see you there.  Our classroom door will be open, and you can come see how our city that we creating from wood is progressing. 


Please send in cardboard for the Global Cardboard Challenge.  This year, it will take place on Friday, June 15.  Thank you so much.

Fabulous Mystery Readers
Thank you, Mr. Walsh! 
Thank you, Dr. Unobskey
Thank you, Ms. Chaudry
Thank you

A million thanks for your generous end-of-the-year gifts!  I was surprised and delighted to receive the gift certificates.  The Starbucks one will really be helpful in bringing down my tab, and I can't wait to use the gift cards to get my nails and toes done.  That is so kind.  I LOVE the light covers, and I am eagerly anticipating Mr. Hernandez installing them for me.  What a nice classroom commuity we have.

Have a great week!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Monday Memo (Tuesday Edition) 5/29/18

Well, London was absolutely amazing.  My nephew’s wedding and all the related events were so joyful.  It was a special experience to be on this huge trip with my parents and brothers, and my nephew is very happy and has found a loving and hilarious British husband.  Cheers to young love! 

Graeme and Richie (my nephew) enter the reception.

Me, my mom, and my dad.  Please note our fascinators.
Hope to see you Thursday morning from 8:30-9 for our Open House!  In addition to viewing your child’s excellent work, our class will regale you with a little performance for your entertainment.

Thank you so much for chaperoning the class trip to the North End.  By all accounts, it was a marvelous time.  I’m also so grateful to Ginette Coffey, Gretchen Knox, MaryAnn O’Loughlin, Deborah Niles, and Julie Pond for all they did in my absence to make it a great day.

Just a reminder that this Wednesday is, in fact, early release.  Your child will be dismissed at 2:15.  

Have a great night.  Thank you for all of your support.


Monday, May 21, 2018

Field Trip

Good morning!

Field Trip

The students are getting very excited for our field trip to the North End.  It is always a special day, and the weather looks like it will be beautiful!  I'm sorry to inform you that I have to miss this field trip to attend my nephew's wedding in London.  I am beyond thrilled about going to London for this joyous event, but of course I hate to miss this trip.  Fortunately, Ms. Ginette Coffey, the special educator who often works in our classroom, will be my substitute that day.  She has been on the trip before with the second grade at Claypit, and she knows all the students in my class well.  Gretchen Knox, the second grade teacher from next door, will also be on the bus.

If you are chaperoning, I really appreciate your time and willingness to help.  I will email you the information packet on Wednesday.  On Friday, Ms. Coffey will give you an envelope with a paper copy of the packet, your list of students, and the cash for each student.  If you are meeting us in Boston, Ms. Coffey will give you your envelope then.

Mystery Reader

We loved having Mr. Galizio read to us on Friday!  Mystery Reader has been such a special time for us this year.  I think it is everyone's favorite part of the week.

Don't forget!  Open House Thursday, May 31 8:30-9!

Have a great week!


Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday Memo 5/14/18

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with your family.

Thank You

I received a beautiful arrangement from the class on Thursday for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It was so lovely and unexpected!   Thank you so much.

Community Worker Interview

We had lots of fun sharing the interviews this week.

Field Trip

Thank you for returning the permission slip by Friday.  Please consider joining us.

Open House

You will be receiving an invitation this week for our Second Grade Celebration!  Hope you can join us on Thursday, May 31, from 8:30-9.


We are working on three digit addition and subtraction.  This is an example of how we are teaching this:
Mystery Reader

Thank you to Siobhan Anglin, Friday's Mystery Reader.  There are still a few openings.  If your child hasn't had a family member be a Mystery Reader this year, please consider signing up here.  If you can't do the time listed, I can arrange another time.

Have a great week!


Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Memo 5/7/18

Good morning!

Field Trip

The permission slip will be sent home this week.  Please be on the lookout for it!  I've heard from many people who would like to be chaperones.  You are ALL invited, so please try to clear your schedule for Friday, May 25.

Mystery Reader

Mr. Conroy and proud granddaughter Maddie
Thank you to Maddie's grandfather Mr. Conroy for being our Mystery Reader.  He was awesome and reminded me of my first principal, the legendary John Talbot.  Mr. Conroy is a former teacher and school administrator himself, and he generously gave us a copy of his read aloud:  Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship.  This is a great memoir by Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jessica Kensky, who persevered through incredible adversity with the help of her rescue dog--who is named Rescue! 
Nature Scavenger Hunt with Buddies


Thank you for helping your child facilitate the interview process.  We are excited to hear of the many different jobs in our community and beyond.
Grace Lin

It was so exciting to have Grace Lin at Happy Hollow on Friday!  She spoke a lot about Year of the Dog, her autobiographical novel which we are about half-way through.  It was touching to hear about Grace's experience being the only Asian student in her school, and how she longed to see herself reflected in the books she loved to read.  It is our hope that the Happy Hollow Community Bookstop becomes a place where children can find themselves reflected in excellent literature.   

We calculated our proceeds from the yard sale, and we decided to donate the money to Buddy Dog.

Have a great week!


Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday Memo 4/30/18

I hope you had a great weekend!

Yard Sale

Thank you for all of your help and support with our yard sale.  We had a great time, and we are excited to determine the charity to which we will donate the proceeds.  This week in math, we will count the money and roll the coins.

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Edan's dad for being our Mystery Reader on Friday.


Thank you for helping your child complete the penpal assignment.  All the travel journals and photos of our penpals' Flat Stanleys' in various locales were priceless.  My aunt was in town yesterday for her vacation, and I gave her the package to bring back to her classroom.  We will Skype with our classes next week!

May Homework Calendar

Please click here for the link.  A paper copy will be sent home tomorrow, along with this very important assignment:  Community Worker Interview.  This assignment will be due on your child's Sharing Day next week.

Author Grace Lin to Visit!

Thanks to a grant from the Wayland Public School Foundation, ​this Friday ​morning ​
we will welcome a​uthor Grace Lin who will address the Happy Hollow Community about the importance of reading books that are mirrors of your own experience and windows into the lives of others. Grace Lin is the author and illustrator of more than a dozen children's books including Year of the Dog, which our class is currently reading.

Grace developed a Community Bookstop at Sunnyside School to bring the topic of race into the home and beyond.  She is the inspiration for developing our very own Community Bookstop.​  The Happy Hollow Community Bookstop will be located in the main lobby.  It is a collection of books for students and parents to read together that features characters from different cultural and racial backgrounds. We believe that the more discussions that our whole community is having about race and cultural backgrounds, the better educated students will be about the world.  Grace will perform a ribbon cutting to open the Bookstop.   We expect books to be ready for circulation in about two weeks time.

Open House

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, May 31 from 8:30-9 for our Open House!  We will have a short performance for you, and time for you to see your child's fantastic work. 

Have a great week!