Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monday Memow (Tuesday Edition) 4/24/18


I hope your vacation was wonderful.  Mine was completely and totally amazing.  We should all move to Paris.  It is so, so beautiful.  Here's a highlight:
With Mr. Lee and Kyle Tsiaris' Flat Stanley at Tour Eiffel
Is that a scream or what?!?!?!

Flat Stanley Penpal Homework Due THURSDAY
Please make sure your child has this assignment on Thursday.  We don't want any disappointed second graders in Santa Monica.  Please click here for the assignment.

Yard Sale
The Yard Sale homework is due on Friday.  Thank you for your help with this.

Field Trip
We had a great trip to The Butterfly Place.  I was so impressed with the second graders' excellent behavior.  It was a pleasure having Mr. Galizio, Mr. Zocco, Mr. Richter, and Ms. Williams.  Thank you very much for giving so generously of your time.

Our next field trip is Friday, May 25 to the North End, and all parents are welcome to attend.

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Christina Cevolani, Jack Buckley's mom, for being our Mystery Reader last week.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday Memo 4/9/18

Good morning!

I am very excited to be at the Massachusetts Reading Association Conference conference today and tomorrow.  Although I will not be at school, your children will still be with me in spirit because Gretchen Knox and I are presenting their Writer's Notebooks at the conference.  In November, Gretchen and I presented a similar workshop at the Connecticut Reading Association, and this conference is a kind of culmination of (almost) a year of writing with your children.   The students and I have discussed this a lot, and they are very proud to know that I am using their work.  I am so grateful to them.

We have an exciting week ahead of us.

Flat Stanley

Thank you so much for helping your child send their Flat Stanley off.  We are excited to share these projects this week.  As I've told the kids, some of the Flat Stanleys don't return by the due date, and it's fine.  We look forward to seeing your child's Flat Stanley when he/she arrives.

Oh, Baby!

Sharing the baby photos on Friday was so much fun, and no one guessed the correct baby on the first try!  If your child did not bring in their photo yet, please help them find one and send it in by Wednesday at the latest.  If you can't find a physical copy or are unable to provide a paper copy, please email it to me, and I will print it.

Mystery Reader

We loved having Dave Richter read to us on Friday.  Please try to sign up to be a Mystery Reader if your child has had someone sign up yet.  If the time listed doesn't work for you, please email me, and we can try to figure something out.

Earth Day

Your whole family is invited to Natick's Earth Day celebration on the Natick Common!  My father Pat Conaway runs this amazing event.  This year I can't attend (because I will be flying home from PARIS!!!), but I hope some of you will be able to check it out.

Did you hear?  We received a package from our penpals in California, and they sent us Flat Stanleys!  Can you believe it!  Your child will bring home their penpal's Flat Stanley on Wednesday, and your child will take care of the Flat Stanley during vacation.  You can help your child by taking photos (no more than 5) of Flat Stanley in various places.  More info about this fun assignment will be given on Wednesday.  Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for all of your help and support.


Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday Memo 4/2/18

Happy April!

 I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanleys are due to return home to you on Friday, April 6.  We will share them next week on your child's Sharing Day.  Students can bring Flat Stanley in on Friday, or they may wait for their Sharing Day the following week.  Airlines being what they are, I know that sometimes Flat Stanleys are delayed on their return flights.  If your child's Flat Stanley is not returned in time to share next week, your child may certainly share the week of April 9th.

Once student's have shared the adventures of their Flat Stanley, they add a mini Flat Stanley to our second grade Flat Stanley bulletin board in the hallway and pin the place to which their flat friend traveled.  This turns into an amazing display. 


A paper copy of the April Homework calendar will be sent home today.


Find a baby photo!  Our Sharing this week is Hello Baby!  This is due on Friday, and we will guess the babies.

Field Trip

Thank you so much for submitting the signed permission slip and check.  We are excited for our journey to The Butterfly Place.  I will let you know by Friday if you have been selected as a chaperone.  Thank you for your willingness to help.

Our Painted Ladies hatched!
Author Visit

We were inspired by Matt de la Pena's visit to Happy Hollow last week.  The author of Last Stop on Market Street and Love, among others, told us about his childhood growing up with a Mexican mother and a white father in San Diego and how he wanted to write books for children that they could see themselves in, as he often couldn't find books as a child that reflected the poverty in which he grew up.  Thank you to Colleen Flannery, our Library/Media specialist, for arranging this event.
Talking with author Matt de la Pena
Have a great week!


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Monday Memo 3/29/18

I hope you had a great weekend.


This week, we are sharing jokes.  See this link for a good website for kids.


No spelling this week.


We will be composing informative writing pieces.  To prepare for this, students are reading and taking notes about the different continents.  In social studies, our class has traveled to Africa with Ms. Niles, South America with Ms. Knox, and North America, Europe, and Australia in our own classroom.  On Wednesday, we're off to Asia with Ms. Niles!


Our geometry assessment will be given this week.  Next, it's on to three digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.

Field Trip

A permission slip for our trip to The Butterfly Place will be sent home this week.  Please click here if you need another copy.

Have a great week and a lovely long weekend.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Memo 3/19/18

I hope you had a lovely weekend.
Thank you, Mystery Reader Mike Stull

Social Studies

Our class traveled to South America with Ms. Knox.  Next, it's on to Europe!


We had lots of fun sharing games last week.  Check out these pics!

Sharing this week is finding a spring poem to share.  Ah, the irony.  Here is a link to a site for poetry for kids.  The link I originally put on the March Homework Calendar is no longer working.


At the end of this week, we will complete our geometry assessment.  This week, we are working on creating arrays and writing repeated addition sentences, which are the building blocks of multiplication.  Although we don't study multiplication in second grade, learning about arrays helps with conceptual understanding of multiplication.


I am looking forward to speaking with many of you this week about your child's progress.  Here is the link to the conference schedule.

Thank you!


Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Memo 3/12/18

Good evening!


We enjoyed getting a peek into your homes last week when your child shared the map of their bedroom.  This week, we are sharing our favorite games.  This can be a board game, a group game, a card game....Your child can bring in the game and demonstrate how to play it, and we will play it as a class or in a small group.

Social Studies

Our continent rotation has begun!  Your child traveled to Africa last week with Ms. Niles, and this week, they will explore Antarctica with Ms. Knox.  Be sure to ask your child about this on Wednesday.


Geometry has been our focus the last few weeks, and we created a 3-D Museum.  Ask your second grader how many vertices a triangular pyramid has.  Or a square pyramid!


No new spelling this week!  We will continue to work on our lists from last week.  Students can choose from the Spelling Menu for spelling practice homework.

New Flag for our School

We were so proud of Franchi and her sister for accepting the Uruguay flag from Mr. Lee to be hung in the cafeteria.

Composting Lesson

Thank you to Ms. Sawe for showing us her home composting system.  Om and his family are really taking care of the earth, which impressed us, but mostly, we love the worms.  This was a great introduction to the spring composting program at Happy Hollow which will feed our beautiful garden.

Here is the link if you need a reminder.  If we need to reschedule due to weather, I will contact you.

Stay safe and warm!  Have a great week!


Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday Memo 3/5/18

Good morning!


I'm very excited to begin our spring conferences.  Please click this link for a reminder of your appointment.

Mystery Reader

Thank you, Alpheen Menachery.  We loved having you join us!  Click this link to sign up.  This Friday is open!
Amira's Grandmother
Math Night Fun

Math Night was a blast!  So many fun games to play, prizes to win, even free pizza.  Don't miss it next year.  Simon and I had a great time.
Math Night Selfie with Simon
Valentines Day 

Thank you for helping your child complete their valentines.  Delivering and opening were super fun.  As you can see, they were very happy.  
Funny valentines
Our Valentines Limbo party was awesome.  Some of these kids can really limbo.  Their bodies were completely perpendicular.


Sharing this week is bedroom maps.  A copy of the assignment was sent home last week.  Here is an example.  Click here if you need another copy of the assignment.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  Have a great week.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Memo 2/12/18

Good evening!

Public Service Announcements

Please see the previous blog post to access your child's wonderful public service announcement in the form of an iMovie trailer.  I am so proud of these environmental activists!  Our Film Festival was the event of the season.  It was awesome to see the work of our friends in other classes.  On the blog, a couple of the iMovies loaded twice, and one of them I couldn't load at all.  If you can't find your child's, try this link.  Let me know if it still doesn't work, and I'll try to figure it out.

100th Day

We are excited for the 100th Day celebration tomorrow!  Many people already sent in collections of 100--thank you!  Please have your child bring it in by tomorrow.  See assignment.

Valentines Day

And the fun just keeps coming. We're obviously very excited for Valentines Day.  Look at our Valentine Monster Mailboxes, made with your recycled tissue boxes--thank you!  These monsters are hungry for valentines. Here is the class list if you need it.
My Twenty Valentines (and George in abstentia)
Library Date

Have a wonderful vacation!  I will be in the Children's room of the Morse Institute Library in Natick at 10:45 on Tuesday, February 20th.  I would love to meet up with some of my favorite second graders there, and we can check out some good books together.

Lunar New Year
We were very proud of Teddy, who helped make the dragon for our Lunar New Year celebration at the assembly today.
You can only see his legs, but that's Teddy, carrying the giant dragon head.
We were also very proud of Jack!  Along with his Chinese language class, Jack presented songs in Mandarin, including "Bingo".  Note that Jack is holding the dog.


Here is the link if you still need to sign up.  Thank you.

Have a great week!


Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Memo 2/5/18

Good morning!


Please click on this link to sign up for a parent/teacher conference.

Public Service Announcements

We are putting the finishing touches on our public service announcements.  On Wednesday, we will have our Second Grade Film Festival, which will be the premier of our short movies.  Pat Conaway, our environmental expert (my dad!) will be our special guest.

Two Digit Addition and Subtraction Assessment

Mathematicians in our classroom have been working hard on these computation skills.  The assessment will be given by the end of the week.


This week, we are sharing about our name.  Click here for the assignment.

Kleenex Box

Thanks to everyone who brought in an empty rectangular Kleenex box.  Please send one in by Friday if you have not yet done so.

States of Matter

Thank you to the PTO for providing funding for this wonderful traveling science program from the Acton Discovery Museum.  The students enjoyed the amazing experiments, especially the ones involving dry ice!

Have a great week!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday Memo 1/29/18

Good morning!


Click here for the February Homework Calendar.

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Kylie Williams, our Mystery Reader.  We'd love to have you come in.  Please click here to sign up.


This week, we are sharing talents.  Students can demonstrate their talent for us, bring in a photo or a symbol of their talent, have their parent send me a video of them doing their talent...the possibilities are endless.  Thank you for your help.

Have a great week!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Memo 1/22/17

I hope you had a great weekend.  I can't believe the Patriots did it again!

Mystery Reader
We loved having Ms. Downes, the new elementary school METCO coordinator, read to us on Friday.  Haven't gotten a chance to come in yet?  Please click here to sign up.

Thank you, Ms. Downes, Mystery Reader

WMS Community Service Day

We had a great time working cooperatively in teams to create public service announcements.  Our 8th grade helpers served as executive producers of our iMovie trailers.  We hope to share these engaging and informative videos with you soon!

Brainstorming ideas

Report Cards

You can view these on Thursday.  Be sure you have set up your Home Access Center in order to access the report card.  If you have any questions after viewing the report card about your child's progress, please contact me.  

Please see below for instructions for access: 


You can sign up for a March parent/teacher conference by clicking here.  I look forward to meeting with you.   

It was great seeing some of you at the MLK dinner on Friday night.  I was so proud of Micah, who was part of a fabulous on stage performance.  With our 4th Grade Buddies, our class created posters to decorate the venue in honor of Martin Luther King.  The posters were lovely and many people commented on the great, cooperative work.  Fantastic!


Our States of Matter unit is coming to an end.  Our class did an experiment with Ms. Knox on Wednesday during our science rotations.  Salt crystals look amazing after the water around them is evaporated!  Ask your child about it.  The culmination of this fascinating unit will be our (rescheduled) visit from the Acton Discover Museum next week.


"Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken."

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

These were only a couple of the inspirational quotes we heard today.  Students are doing a fabulous job sharing and explaining what these quotes mean to them.  We look forward to hearing everyone's quote by the end of the week.  Here is the Sharing Schedule:

Have a great week!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Monday Memo 1/15/18

Local Environmentalist Visits 2nd Grade!

My father Pat Conaway came to speak to the second grade this week about taking care of the earth.  My dad is a retired Wayland Middle School teacher, and when he's not driving his grand
kids around, he is working as President and founder of Keep Natick Beautiful.  I am proud that my dad has helped lead the charge in the many local plastic bag bans around the Metrowest, and now he's onto his next challenge:  Just Say No to Styro!

The second grade team's message behind the special presentation was to empower our students to use their voices to make change in the world.   Specifically, we are focusing on our voices in writing, with the end result being a public service announcements that we hope to share with our school community.  This is a perfect marriage with the second grade writing standard on opinion writing.  We will use iMovie to create our public service announcements.  I welcome assistant producer!  Please contact me if you are an iMovie expert and would like to help.  Thank you so much. 
My dad, the Person I Admire
The Plastic Bag Monster.  Did you know that the average American shopper uses 500 bags per year???


Example of quote sharing
Thank you so much for helping your child prepare for this week's sharing on a person we admire.  Next week, we will share inspirational quotes.  Click here for a helpful quote website for kids.  Your child should write the quote in big letters (or print the quote in a large font) on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, write who said the quote, and be able to explain to the class how the quote spoke to them. 

MLK Dinner Friday Night 
Hope to see you at the annual MLK Dinner at the Middle School on Friday at 6PM.  The second graders made posters with our buddies with our favorite MLK quotes, and these posters will  be displayed at the dinner.  The Happy Hollow chorus will perform as well.

Our Drew, her brother Luke, and friends present at assembly
 Drew's Service Learning Project

Drew help raise hundreds of dollars for breast cancer research.  Kudos also to many members of our class for their support in purchasing Drew's homemade bracelets.  Way to go, Drew! 

Thank you, Mystery Reader Nimmi Trapasso

Mystery Reader

Would you like to sign up?  Please click here for the link to see available slots, then email me, and tell me what you would like.  Thank you!

Library Book Sale

If you need some new books and would like to support public libraries, check out this sale next week at the Morse Institute Library in Natick.   Click here for the flyer.


Here is the link to sign up for a parent/teacher conference in March.


Please log in to your guardian HAC account and confirm that we have proper email addresses on file in our Student Information Database

Dear Wayland Elementary School Families,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Student Information System, eSchoolPLUS. After extensive research and assessment, eSchoolPLUS was selected as the best option for Wayland teachers, students and guardians because of its intuitive, scalable and secure solution to manage student data. There is also a mobile app called eSchoolPLUS Family that you can download from the app stores.

Home Access Center (HAC) replaces iParent and iStudent as a communication portal. It allows students and guardians to access a wide range of student data; including demographics, attendance, test scores, class work assignments, schedules and student fees. We will continue to update and add new features in HAC as needed by each grade level.

If you already have an account from an older child in the High School or Middle School, you can now see your Elementary student in Home Access Center. If not, we welcome you to view the HOME ACCESS CENTER INSTRUCTIONS to create your HAC account. Once logged in, please update your email address and phone number(s) by clicking on the Registration icon and then Contacts - (Edit).

Later this month, we will notify you when you will have access to your child's report card online through Home Access Center.

Kind regards,
Leisha Simon
Director of Technology