Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Memo 9/28/15

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend. Can you believe it is our first five day week??? It will be good to jump into a regular schedule. Yesterday was a lovely day to spend at a softball double-header. I hope you and your family got to enjoy the great outdoors, too!

Global Cardboard Challenge

Please send in cardboard and masking tape if you have any to donate. We will make our creations on Thursday. It should be really fun.

Writer's Notebooks

Thank you so much for sending in all the photos and collage materials for our Writer's Notebooks covers. We had a blast decorating the covers. They look awesome! 

Readers Notebooks

Thank you so much to Elena Taxiarchis for making our Readers Notebooks for us. We already started using them to record our books and our good thinking.  


Thank you for sending in the permission slip for our upcoming field trip. Click here if you need another copy. On Friday, we had fun doing a science experiment with thermometers and measuring the temperature of water.

Weekly Reading Log

Today your child will come home with a Reading Log.  Click here if you can't find it :). It is due each Friday. Making reading a regular part of your nightly routine is very important, as I'm sure you already know. Please listen to your child read, and read to your child every day. Sometimes when I'm busy, I really want to let this slide (can't we all just go to sleep?!?!), but I try to read to my own third grader every night. Here is a really good article about the importance of reading to your child. Thanks for your help with this.

Math Stations

Please click here if you would like to sign up for Math Stations sometime. We'd love to have you! 

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Permission Slip

If you need another copy of the permission slip to the Blue Hill Weather Observatory, please click here.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Memo 9/21/15

I hope your weekend was fabulous.  The weather was lovely, which was good because I logged a lot of hours in the bleachers at Wayland High School watching two football games.  As a result, I wasn't able to attend the picnic, but I'm sure it was great, and I hope many of you were able to enjoy it. 

It was wonderful to have such an amazing turn out at Back To School Night on Wednesday.  Thank you for coming.  I hope you were dazzled!


I'm looking forward to our upcoming conferences together.  Thank you for signing up for a time slot with me.  I emailed you on Friday if you had not yet signed up for a conference.  Please do so as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Math Stations

We do Math Stations twice a week for one hour, and I'd love your help!  Please visit the sign up page by clicking here, and volunteer if you can.  Thank you!


Here is the link to homework for the next two weeks.  Please let me know if you have any troubles accessing the assignments or if your child is stressed or if you have any other thoughts.  Thank you for your help with this.


We met with our fourth grade buddies in Ms. Moynihan's class on Friday.  Every other week, we will have a fun meeting with our buddies, reading together or doing various projects.  We look forward to a great partnership this year with this class. 

Thank You

Meg Flatley took on a take-home project for me this week and brought home twenty folders to put together.  Thank you, Meg!


We've started blogging!  Ask your child about Kidblog and our ongoing digital discussion of our read aloud Alvin Ho by Lenore Look.  I'd give you the link, but I want your child to show you how they get on the blog and submit a comment for my approval.  If your child will not have access to online homework, just let me know, and I will find time at school for her to complete the assignment.

Thank you for your help and support.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday Memo (Tuesday edition) 9/15/15

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a happy holiday.  My family had a lot of sports and our entry into the world of orthodontia.  Oh boy.

We have spent six special days together so far in our classroom, getting to know each other and all of our new routines.  Thank you to Jill Zukerman for her huge rotating fan.  It was like a Bikram yoga studio in our room for a couple of days there.

We are thrilled to welcome Kordell Shouder to our classroom this week.  Kordell is new to Happy Hollow School, and we are lucky to have him.

Dates to Remember:
  • Back to School Night:  Back to School Night is TOMORROW from 7:00-7:30PM in our classroom.  Please come to this special adults only event to learn more about your child's second grade experience.
  • METCO Picnic:  Hope to see you at the district picnic at Happy Hollow on Sunday, September 20 from 1-4!  Click on the flyer to learn more.

See you tomorrow night!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monday Memo (Wednesday Edition) 8/31/16

Welcome!  It was nice to meet some of you at the Library Meet-and-Greet and some of you yesterday for the new student open house.  It is a pleasure getting to know your child today.  We still had a super day together--second grade rocks!

The body of this email will appear on my blog, which you should bookmark on your computer.  If you do not receive this email electronically, please email me because I must not have your correct address.  My email is:  Please do not email me with dismissal changes, as I don't always receive the email in time.  Dismissal changes should be communicated via a written note from you to me delivered by your child in the morning.  Barring that, you must call the school office 508-358-2120, and they will be sure to get the message.  My cell is 508-314-2796.  Please feel free to call me with any questions after school hours.  My phone is off during the school day.

I try to send you an email every Monday morning (or, if a Monday holiday, Tuesday morning).  I read somewhere that people are more likely to read emails on Monday morning than other times in the week.  Here are a couple of important items:

Special Schedule:

Monday:  Physical Education
Tuesday:  Technology/Library
Wednesday:  Music
Thursday:  Skills Lab
Friday:  Art

Remember those library books on Tuesday and sneakers on Monday.  Sneakers are the best shoes for your child to wear any day of the week.  Outdoor play and recess are very important for a young child, and it is a shame when a child's footwear interferes with her ability to climb and run.  Footwear such as flipflops can be a safety issue as well.


Please pack a healthy snack each day.  Please make sure your child has a reusable water bottle (labeled with their name) for classroom use.  Water is the only beverage children may drink in the classroom, so please do not pack juice or milk for snack.  

Important Dates:
  • Curriculum Night is Thursday, September 8 from 7-7:30.  Please do your very best to have at least one parent attend.
  • Picture Day is Thursday, September 15.  
Parent Interview Form

I sent a parent interview form through your email.  You can also click here to fill out the form.  Thank you.

Happy Day One!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy First Day!

Good afternoon, Families!

Your children are delightful.  Here is a list of the notices you received today:

1.  Biographical Verification report
2. After School Destination chart
3.  Principal letter about the Happy Hollow Handbook
4.  Parent signature form about the Happy Hollow Handbook
5.  Student signature form about he Happy Hollow Handbook
6.  Listserv notice
7. "5 Things in a Bag" Homework assignment

Highlighted items must be returned to school.  Thank you so much for your help with this.  Have a great evening.

Miriam Morrison