Saturday, August 15, 2015

Move Along Day Letter with Supply List

June 2015

Dear Future Second-Grader,

Welcome to second grade!  I was so happy to meet you today, and I look forward to a super year!  

You might be a little curious about your new teacher so here is a bit of information about me.  I have enjoyed teaching children from preschool to grade five for many years.  My favorite things to do include reading, running, singing, going to yard sales, and being with my three children.  Their names are Matthew, Genevieve, and Bowen.

Second grade is a special time.  We will observe the metamorphosis of the butterfly, do science experiments with solids, liquids, and gases, study weather, build a community out of blocks of wood, and do lots of reading, writing, and math.

I hope you have a fun summer full of all your favorite activities.  I look forward to lots of reading and seeing friends.  I hope you will take time for reading this summer too!!!  My children and I love to go to the library, especially in the summer.  It’s air-conditioned, it’s free, and I always leave with a bag of books that I can’t wait to dive into.  I always have a big stack of books on my bedside table.  Lately, I’m really into historical fiction.  I wonder what you like to read.  

I’d like your parents to send me the email address(es) they would like me to use to communicate.  I’ll send them an email and invite you to meet me at the library one day this summer.  That will be fun!  Your parents can contact me at  You can check out my blog at  You can also find it on the Happy Hollow website.

On the first day of school, bring a SMILE, and be ready to start our learning adventure!
Ms. Morrison

Ms. Morrison’s 2nd Grade Supply List
  • A recent photo of yourself doing something you enjoy ~
size 4x6 preferred but NO BIGGER than 5x7
  • One set of earbuds (must be able to fit into a laptop or iPad) Label with name!  Put in ziplock bag.  Label bag, too.
  • One BIG box of tissues to share with the class
  • One box baby wipes
  • One pencil box filled with:

  • 2 fine point black Sharpie markers
  • 10 sharpened pencils with erasers
  • One small pencil sharpener
  • 24 Crayola colored pencils
  • 12 Crayola markers
  • One glue stick
  • 4 Expo markers
  • One highlighter
Wish List (if you care to donate to our class):
  • Ziplock bags, any size
  • Extra container of baby wipes
  • An extra set of earbuds

Summer Invitation

Greetings Families!

Ah, the first email from your child's second grade teacher.  There will be many more, I can assure you, so brace yourself.  

I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic summer.  Mine has been great.  I worked at a summer camp that my children attended, and we all had a blast.  It ended yesterday, and now I have space in my brain to think about school.  Second grade will be a great experience, and I'm excited to build a special relationship with your child--and with you!

You are all invited to meet me at the Children's Room at the Morse Institute Library in Natick on Thursday, August 20 between 10:30-11:15.  My children will be there, so feel free to bring all of your kids along.

It is nice for your child to see me before school starts in a different setting, and it's a good opportunity for me to meet you as well.  Plus, I'm crazy for books, and I think libraries are basically our most important institutions--everyone is welcome, you can take things home for free, and they are great places for families to spend time together.  

Your Minuteman Library card works there, and if your child does not already have her own card, she can get one.  You just have to show your Massachusetts license, and she has to be able to print her first and last name.

I only had email addresses for eleven families; I'm missing the families of Aubrey Calabro, Drew Conner, Ruth Flacke, Jared Kerrigan, Mya Martorilli, Emiko Niimi, and David Zuckerman.  Please forward this email to those families if you have their addresses.  Thank you for your help.

Hope to see you Thursday!