Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Memo 3/12/18

Good evening!


We enjoyed getting a peek into your homes last week when your child shared the map of their bedroom.  This week, we are sharing our favorite games.  This can be a board game, a group game, a card game....Your child can bring in the game and demonstrate how to play it, and we will play it as a class or in a small group.

Social Studies

Our continent rotation has begun!  Your child traveled to Africa last week with Ms. Niles, and this week, they will explore Antarctica with Ms. Knox.  Be sure to ask your child about this on Wednesday.


Geometry has been our focus the last few weeks, and we created a 3-D Museum.  Ask your second grader how many vertices a triangular pyramid has.  Or a square pyramid!


No new spelling this week!  We will continue to work on our lists from last week.  Students can choose from the Spelling Menu for spelling practice homework.

New Flag for our School

We were so proud of Franchi and her sister for accepting the Uruguay flag from Mr. Lee to be hung in the cafeteria.

Composting Lesson

Thank you to Ms. Sawe for showing us her home composting system.  Om and his family are really taking care of the earth, which impressed us, but mostly, we love the worms.  This was a great introduction to the spring composting program at Happy Hollow which will feed our beautiful garden.

Here is the link if you need a reminder.  If we need to reschedule due to weather, I will contact you.

Stay safe and warm!  Have a great week!


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