Friday, September 15, 2017

Monday Memo 9/18/17


I hope you had a lovely weekend. 


Here is the link to the September Homework Calendar.  Please send it back in with your child on Friday, September 29.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Back to School Night, and I was glad so many people were able to sign up for a conference.  Here is the conference schedule as it stands now.  Please check it and make sure our calendars match.  If you were not able to sign up at Back to School Night, please take a look at the available times and email me with your preference.  Thank you.

Signature Pages Due:  

Please read the Happy Hollow Handbook with your child and sign the page indicating you read it.  There is also a page for your child to sign.  Many people have already sent this in--thank you!  Please click here to go to the Happy Hollow home page.  Under "For Students", you can find "Student Handbook" for your child to read and sign.  Under "For Families", you can find the "Family Handbook" for you to read and sign.    I distributed these signature sheets at Back to School Night, and if you were unable to attend, I sent the papers home with your child on Friday.

Class Playdate

Thank you so much to our room parents Jen Rogers and Melissa Hartford for organizing the class playdate this weekend here at the HH playground.

PTO Breakfast

Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast on Friday.  The PTO gave a beautiful welcome back breakfast for the teachers, and it was organized by our wonderful Debbie Bressler.  What a treat!

Back to School Family Cookout
Hope you can go to this fun event on Sunday!
Have a great week.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


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