Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Memo 11/20/17

Good morning!

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I just love the Thanksgiving holiday.  It's all about food, and there's no gift stress.

Thanksgiving Bread

Speaking of food, I am so thrilled by all of your contributions of time and items for our annual Thanksgiving Bread tradition.  We will have a great time baking on Wednesday.  The class is really looking forward to this special activity.

Winter Gear

It's starting to get cold, and everyone is beginning to bring winter gear, which is great.  However, our lockers are small,  and each student shares their locker with a classmate, so things get tight, and it starts to look like my bedroom closet out in the hallway, what with stray mittens and hats
spilling out of lockers.  Here is a suggestion from my wise fifth grade colleagues:

From the School Nurse:


Your child did a great job on their spelling test on Friday!  We keep the tests in a spelling book here at school.  No spelling this week, but we will continue with this practice the following week.

I am very grateful for this wonderful class and fabulous school community.  Thank you for all you do.  Your children are delightful to teach.  Have a wonderful holiday.


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