Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Memo 1/8/17

Wow, what a storm!  I hope you stayed warm and your power stayed on.  Ours went off for about an hour, and I thought my kids might collapse from the stress of screen deprivation.

SNEAKERS for classroom, especially on WEDNESDAYS!

PLEASE make sure your child has sneakers to change into for the classroom.  It really helps keep our room a little less dirty when muddy, snowy boots are not trampling all over it all day.  Please remember we have Physical Education class on Wednesdays.  Students must have sneakers for PEThank you.


Can you filter gravel from water?  How about tissue?  We completed a fun science experiment on Wednesday as part of our States of Matter unit.  On Wednesday, our class will go to Ms. Niles' class for an experiment involving sugar! 

Our Acton Discovery Museum presentation will be rescheduled for February 2.

Have a great week!

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